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Let Them Have Straight Teeth?

25 Jan

Thanks to the likes of Tom Cruise, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell possessing a straight smile is highly sought after.

With incredible treatments like the Inman Aligner and the revolutionary Six Month Smiles a new, more confident, straight smile can now become a reality.  Here at Southport Road Dental we are always looking at the newest and most effective straightening treatments in order to give you the best end result (without having to put up with ‘train tracks’ for 18-24 months!).  In fact we love straight smiles so much that we developed the Buy A Smile Give A Goat campaign last year (for more on this follow this link ).

Whilst researching some straight teeth systems I stumbled across a very interesting story about one of the first ever braces, and the proud owner of a new, straight smile.

Pierre Fauchard was a dentist in the early 1700’s and is now known as the ‘Father of Modern Dentistry’.  I came across him whilst researching straight smiles as he introduced braces.  This is a simple diagram of the horseshoe shaped device that was tied to the teeth with gold wire to move them into a more uniform shape.  This brace, known as Fauchards Bandeau was used in one of the earliest ‘celebrity’ makeovers…the first lady of straight smiles was Marie Antoinette.

A dentist named Pierre Laveran was employed by her mother to help undertake the overhaul of Marie’s looks to prepare her to become the Queen of France.

Luckily the world of cosmetic dentistry and braces has come a long way since 1770 but it would still seem that smile straightening is still popular in royal circles.  As the article in this link suggests that Kate Middleton has also undertaken some dental treatment to perfect her smile .

Straightening doesn’t just have to be for the royal, rich and famous though and if you would like to know more about how to get a straight smile then give us a call on 01257 754595 and book a free ‘Am I Suitable For Straight Teeth?’ Smile Analysis.


What are Dental Implants?

12 Jan

Dental implants are the new big thing in the world of smiles, everyone seems to be talking about them.  You see them on makeover programmes and in the Sunday Supplements and you know that they are wonderful…everyone says so.  But what are they exactly?

By definition a dental implant is an artificial replacement for your tooth root.  The implant itself is made of titanium and is a bit like a ‘high tech’ screw which is placed into your jaw bone.   

Implants are used to fill gaps in smiles or multiple implants can be used to fix bridges or dentures into place.  Not only are implants a great long term solution for gappy grins but they also give you the look and functionality of natural teeth, meaning that you can smile, eat and laugh with confidence.

Another big benefit to having a dental implant fitted is that no damage is done to the surrounding teeth in order to support the restoration as that is attached to the implant. This means that the chances of you having problems with the teeth next to the gap are far less likely to become problematic in the future.

 I you would like to know more about implants or think that they could be the perfect solution to your sad smile then call us on 01257 754595.  Or you can visit us at