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Dental Sedation/ ‘ Sleep Dentistry ‘

12 Feb

Adding the the concept of Dentistry Without Fear and Pain Free Dentistry Southport Road Dental are adding the new facility of sedation

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental Sedation at Southport Road is a fantastic way of helping people who need a little extra help relaxing at the dentist, especially those who are extremely anxious and are put off visiting the dentist.

We will administer a drug called Midazolam through a very thin cannula, into a vein, either in your arm, or the back of your hand. A clip-like device called a pulse oximeter will be placed on the end of your index your finger, this is used to monitor your oxygen intake during the session.

You will not be asleep during the clinic, like with a general anaesthetic. The drug will bring you into a ‘twilight zone’ where pain and fear are not a reality anymore. You will become drowsy and unaware of the dentist or the treatment. You will be able to cooperate with the dentist at all times, as well as maintaining your own protective reflexes, like coughing or moving if you are in an uncomfortable position.

After the treatment we recommended that you have an escort to collect you from our dental office, as you will not be able to drive. The best idea is to go home and sleep off the effects of the medication.

The next day you’ll feel so proud of yourself for getting done what you’d been putting off for years.