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Your Guide to Dental Implants

9 May

Missing teeth ruining your smile? Discover how dental implants can restore your smile and your confidence again.

What causes tooth loss?

Tooth loss can affect everyone and is commonly associated with older people however, research suggests twenty five percent of people lose a tooth between the ages of 21 and 30.

For younger people, contact sports such as rugby and martial arts have become increasingly popular and pose a high risk of tooth damage or loss. Other common causes of tooth loss may include gum disease, tooth decay and fear of going to the dentist. For many people going to the dentist can cause great anxiety even when in pain. Not seeking treatment for such problems can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Consequences of tooth loss 

Missing teeth can affect you both personally and professionally. Losing teeth can significantly change your facial aesthetics and appearance which may lead to anxiety, social embarrassment and self consciousness. You may begin to hide your smile because of missing teeth. 

When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will begin to drift into the space as they no longer have support from the missing tooth. This can cause changes in your bite and thus, chewing may be compromised. You may avoid certain foods because of chewing problems. 

Teeth are needed to support the structure of our face. When you are missing teeth the support to the lips and cheeks are reduced causing them to sink into the face which can cause premature ageing.

Another consequence of tooth loss can be gum recession and deterioration of bone in the space left where the tooth is missing. It may become more difficult to clean your teeth and this can can lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay and further tooth loss. 

If you are someone with missing teeth you may be wearing a denture. Dentures replacing missing teeth and can feel insecure and uncomfortable. This can make it difficult to eat and speak. If this sounds familiar dental implants may be the solution for you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are proven to be the most effective way of restoring missing teeth. They are so natural looking and feeling you may even forget you ever lost a tooth, a few teeth or all of your teeth. aa0c442ae0dfbeb9ce71ccc6d21300cb

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from titanium which can hold a replacement tooth, a bridge or denture. The implants act like a tooth root, bone grows around the implant making it a firm, secure and long lasting solution. 

The placement of implants is carried out at the practice involving a simple operation under local anesthetic. Long term studies continue to show improving success rates of implants. Unlike other tooth restorations, implants can last a lifetime. Of course, just as your own teeth, good oral hygiene and regular check up appointments is vital to the longevity of your implants. 

Dental implants have proven to be the answer to many patients tooth loss problems. Replacing your missing teeth with implants will restore your natural looking smile and your confidence. Many people who have had dental implants fitted to replace missing teeth have said it has changed their life, they have reported greater confidence and being able to eat the foods they love again. 


Advantages of Dental Implants 

  • Reduced Bone Loss – when an implant is placed, bone growth and production is stimulated. 
  • Improved Function – One of the greatest benefits of having implants is that they function just as well as your natural teeth. 
  • Improved Dental Hygiene 
  • No Healthy Tooth Structure Removal – Unlike a bridge, implants do not rely on any of your other teeth so none of your own healthy, natural teeth need to be altered.
  • Great Smile

Want to know more about dental implants treatment?

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