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23 Nov

I don’t think there are many people in the world that don’t aspire to have a winning smile.  Smiles open doors; improve employment chances; and create matches made in heaven.  Isn’t it amazing that most people don’t know how to take care of one of the cheapest but most effective tools they have.

As a dentist I find that toothbrushing is attempted by most, but is often less effective then it could be.

My role in community is to assist you to keep your teeth for life, the following tips should help:

TIME: TIP1 It is improtant to spend at least two minutes brushing, get a timer or a brush with one inbuilt.

BRUSH: TIP2 Medium strength bristles as a maximum, anything more is damaging to teeth and gums.

TOOTHPASTE: Check the level of fluoride in your toothpaste. TIP 3 On the back of every tune the fluoride level is quoted as 1450 ppm F-, this should be the minimum level of fluoride used by an adult who doesn’t often need fillings

TO RINSE OR NOT TO RINSE- that is the question
There is huge value in not rinsing all the toothpaste away after brushing. The main active component of a fluoridated toothpaste is…. FLUORIDE. When you rinse after brushing you miss out on some of the benefits it holds. TIP 4– spit out but don’t rinse.

MOUTHRINSES- can be very effective but contain 1/6 the level of fluoride as a toothpaste so TIP 5 best used in the middle of the day or before brushing.