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Now You Can Smile in Style!

5 Sep

IT’s been an exciting summer at Southport Road Dental  with lots going on, including a brand new look for our surgeries and waiting rooms, and a very special new addition to the team.

IMG_1352If you haven’t been to the practice in the last few weeks you’re in for a huge surprise when you come for your next visit, because as you’ll see, it’s been a case of out with the old – 20 years old for much of it – and in with the new.

Our waiting rooms are looking very stylish with their smart, new, very comfortable furnishings; although you’ll need to make the most of them because, as you know, at  Southport Road Dental you’re never waiting long.

When you head up the stairs to the surgery and your appointment the first thing you’ll notice is the new layout – which makes the room look spacious – and our amazing new dental chairs. Now we know that the dentist’s chair isn’t everyone’s favourite place to be, but these are the last word in luxury. They are so comfortable to sit in, you’ll forget where you are – we think they put British Airways Business Class loungers to shame, but let us know what you think!


As well as transforming the look of the two surgeries, David has invested in some of the latest dental equipment, including a dental microscope and an intra-oral camera, ensuring that our patients are receiving the highest standards of care.

The stylish new lighting and interior decor in the surgeries create a relaxing atmosphere for everybody, patients and staff, while  the surrounding workspace; the chairs and work stations have also been upgraded and redesigned, making it easier for everyone to do their jobs even more efficiently in a very cool work environment.

All in all, we’re delighted with the result; a stylish and modern practice with a familiar friendly family feel, and our patients who’ve already seen it and experienced it, say they love it, too.


But the new additions to  Southport Road Dental didn’t stop there. On July 10, while the rest of the world was waiting for news of the Royal baby, we were celebrating the safe arrival of our own Prince of Smiles; David and Rashmi’s beautiful baby boy Arin Hickey.



10 Jun

Here at Southport Road Dental we like to think of ourselves as a close knit team, working well together to deliver a five star service to our customers.

But there’s always room for improvement, and David came up with an idea for all of us to spend some time together, away from the practice, to focus on improving our teamworking skills and understanding each other a little better, with the aim of working as a more closely integrated unit to provide an even better service to our practice members.  And he wasn’t going to make it easy for us.


We started the day with an orienteering expedition to Delamere Forest and Go APE where we discovered we were in for some serious monkeying around. If you’ve never tried the Go APE tree top adventure experience, it consists of five stations that have to be reached, with increasing levels of difficulty up to level 5. The aim of the day was to push every member of the team a little bit out of their comfort zone and when the going got tough, to encourage everyone to work together to overcome the obstacles. It was also an opportunity for the members of the team who don’t tend to work directly with each other in the practice to spend some time together. And it worked.

          For the next few hours we tackled the high ropes…..

547….crossings and bridges…..


                   …… at ever increasing heights……….


…….ending the high level adventure  with a thrilling zip wire back to ground level.


Some of us found it easier than others; Some struggled with a fear of heights others seemed to breeze through it and at times there were a few tears for some of the team, but by working together, often with the person in front helping the person behind, supporting each other and communicating more clearly, we all got through it, and by the end of it, we he’d all Gone Ape together.


After that it was back to David and Rashmi’s for a barbecue,refreshments and a debrief. And the verdict? An amazing but challenging day that we all learned something from, not just about ourselves, but about each other, and that helped us to gel even more as a team, and provide an even better customer experience here at  Southport Road Dental